Custom case study: features and tips for students

Case study, which is also called “situational analysis” is an estimation of possible changes in a company`s activity taking into account the influence of acting external factors, i.e. the factors that the company can not affect practically.

The task of situational analysis is to determine the situation, in which the company exists, i.e. determination of the place occupied by the enterprise in the general economic space, the main factors affecting the company. The conduct of a case study is a perfect practice for students.

Main mission of a case study: what to do?

Case study consists of:

1. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses and their interaction with threats and opportunities of the external environment (SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)-analysis).

2. Analysis of the strategic position occupied by the enterprise.

3. Analysis of market segments.

4. Analysis of competition.

5. Positional analysis.

The purpose of each case study is to present to the company`s management and the heads of departments the true position, in which the enterprise is at the time of the analysis.

The main subject of the case study is the immediate environment of the company: consumers, competitors, traders, sales brokers and suppliers.

In the process of the case study, the position of the firm is revealed from the point of view of market requirements, the ability to change this position taking into account the influence of the external environment and the internal state of the production system.

While conducting the case study, specially developed technologies are used based largely on the use of modern methods of getting, analyzing and processing expert information. Accordingly, a student conducting such analysis should possess special theoretical knowledge and a certain technology of analytical work. Do you have a lack of knowledge? Are you afraid that you will not manage? Buy a custom case study online!

Guarantee of quality of a custom case study

  • Each student, who decides to order online case study, receives it not only inexpensively, but also with guarantees of compliance with all requirements.
  • The finished material is checked for uniqueness. The customer can see the results beforehand.
  • The contractor receives payment only after the acceptance of the work by the customer.
  • If compliance is violated, a free correction is made.
  • If the result is unsatisfactory, the customer can apply to the arbitration with a request for a refund.
  • If necessary, you can make an urgent order, and be sure that the execution of the case study will be of high quality and timely.

Tips for students before buying a custom case study

Planning to buy a high-quality custom case study and also wanting to get it as quickly and inexpensively as possible, remember the importance of correctly drafting of your task:

  • How many parts should the work contain?
  • Are there any wishes of the educator regarding the plan of your case study? It is desirable to agree on this issue in advance, before proceeding to write the work.
  • When you get your task, find out if there are any guidelines for writing your case study. The recommended method should be given to the performer.
  • While ordering, it is necessary to specify the general requirements for writing works: font, spacing, requirements for the number of sources and the presence of footnotes.
  • Specify how to refer to foreign sources.
  • Clarify how applications should be presented: format, program language, etc.
  • Before delivering of your case study, be sure to read it to answer the questions of your supervisor.
  • For writing a quality work, it is required from 1 to 5 days.
  • Follow-on revision of custom case studies is free of charge. Count the time so that it is enough to make possible changes, corrections, improvements.

Find out all necessary details about cooperation and place an order online.

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The main thing in a good essay is to “hook” the reader from the first sentence. Tell him what he expects in this article, and what he can find out. Exact words are usually used in effective essays. Specificity is very useful in conveying thoughts.

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