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A undergrad isn’t always given a choice. If you come to the scientific leader in advance and show your sincere interest in adequacy, a normal teacher will consider with you several variations of topics for the coursework. It’s best to take several topics from the teacher and a time-out for a week – to analyze the information and think. This needs to be done in order not to ask “how to write a course on this topic” later.

Term papers, which are written on the 3rd – 4th year, usually become the heads of the thesis. Think promising! The smartest students already on the first and second year take theme coursework with an eye on the diploma.

Study of general information.

Encyclopedias, textbooks, dictionaries, review articles on the Internet (or at least Wikipedia) will allow you to ascertain what the course will be about.

Don’t ignore this stage, otherwise it will be difficult to make a clear plan. Bury yourself in the materials is not necessary – perhaps the teacher will make corrections to your plan. The teacher may ask to focus on certain issues and omit the others.


When essay writer get a general idea of the topic of the work, begin to draw up a plan. Plans should be two: brief and abstract. First, make a short plan for writing a term paper, discuss it with the teacher. Then make a plan in the theses. What are you going to write about, what issue will you disclose. After that, contact the teacher again. It’s better to rewrite the plan five times than to rewrite all the course work once

Compiling a list of literature.

Most teachers suggest the main sources that you need to rely on when writing a course.

As a rule, books that the teacher advised are not enough. The student must himself work to find the right literature. The list of textbooks and encyclopedias will not be available (although they can also be specified), the list should contain research and articles in scientific journals and collections.

Some departments require that the list of literature include works in foreign languages. Do not try to put in the list a hundred foreign names, taking them from the notes to some monograph. Better a few books and articles, but those that you can at least scroll through.

Search for sources.

 This item is not required at all faculties. For example, historians use chronicles, chronicles, memoirs, diplomatic documents, archival materials as sources. Philosophers take the works of representatives of antiquity and modernity.

Custom case study: features and tips for students

Case study, which is also called “situational analysis” is an estimation of possible changes in a company`s activity taking into account the influence of acting external factors, i.e. the factors that the company can not affect practically.

The task of situational analysis is to determine the situation, in which the company exists, i.e. determination of the place occupied by the enterprise in the general economic space, the main factors affecting the company. The conduct of a case study is a perfect practice for students.

Main mission of a case study: what to do?

Case study consists of:

1. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses and their interaction with threats and opportunities of the external environment (SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)-analysis).

2. Analysis of the strategic position occupied by the enterprise.

3. Analysis of market segments.

4. Analysis of competition.

5. Positional analysis.

The purpose of each case study is to present to the company`s management and the heads of departments the true position, in which the enterprise is at the time of the analysis.

The main subject of the case study is the immediate environment of the company: consumers, competitors, traders, sales brokers and suppliers.

In the process of the case study, the position of the firm is revealed from the point of view of market requirements, the ability to change this position taking into account the influence of the external environment and the internal state of the production system.

While conducting the case study, specially developed technologies are used based largely on the use of modern methods of getting, analyzing and processing expert information. Accordingly, a student conducting such analysis should possess special theoretical knowledge and a certain technology of analytical work. Do you have a lack of knowledge? Are you afraid that you will not manage? Buy a custom case study online!

Guarantee of quality of a custom case study

  • Each student, who decides to order online case study, receives it not only inexpensively, but also with guarantees of compliance with all requirements.
  • The finished material is checked for uniqueness. The customer can see the results beforehand.
  • The contractor receives payment only after the acceptance of the work by the customer.
  • If compliance is violated, a free correction is made.
  • If the result is unsatisfactory, the customer can apply to the arbitration with a request for a refund.
  • If necessary, you can make an urgent order, and be sure that the execution of the case study will be of high quality and timely.

Tips for students before buying a custom case study

Planning to buy a high-quality custom case study and also wanting to get it as quickly and inexpensively as possible, remember the importance of correctly drafting of your task:

  • How many parts should the work contain?
  • Are there any wishes of the educator regarding the plan of your case study? It is desirable to agree on this issue in advance, before proceeding to write the work.
  • When you get your task, find out if there are any guidelines for writing your case study. The recommended method should be given to the performer.
  • While ordering, it is necessary to specify the general requirements for writing works: font, spacing, requirements for the number of sources and the presence of footnotes.
  • Specify how to refer to foreign sources.
  • Clarify how applications should be presented: format, program language, etc.
  • Before delivering of your case study, be sure to read it to answer the questions of your supervisor.
  • For writing a quality work, it is required from 1 to 5 days.
  • Follow-on revision of custom case studies is free of charge. Count the time so that it is enough to make possible changes, corrections, improvements.

Find out all necessary details about cooperation and place an order online.

Professionals are ready to help you!

How to write an abstract on “A+”

To qualitatively write an essay and get an excellent rating, first of all, you need to choose a suitable topic for you from the list of topics that are usually given by the teacher. Do not immediately opt for a lightweight topic. The main thing is the degree of your enthusiasm in any question. If you are interested in a difficult topic, feel free to choose it.

In addition, when choosing a topic, rely on the availability of free materials. If you do not find books, magazines, textbooks or Internet pages on a topic of interest, then do not choose it, because you may not have enough information to cover the required amount of pages.

Pay attention not only to the amount of material but also to its quality. It’s a good idea to filter out all the information and leave only the relevant information.

When searching for information on the Internet, pay attention to excerpts from books and textbooks and be extremely cautious about simple, unrelated information, as you risk using misleading information.

When you select information for the abstract, do not forget to write yourself the sources of this information. In the future, you will need them for the formation of abstracts and a list of literature.

When you have picked up the information, draw up a plan for writing the essay. At the analysis of books, textbooks, and magazines, you, most likely, already approximately will understand the structure of your essay.

The main mistakes in writing an abstract?

Given the lack of knowledge of many students about the methods of checking the essay teacher, often against these are such moments:

Given the ignorance of many students about the methods of checking the essay teacher, often against them are such moments:

The low uniqueness of the abstract. Some checking teachers with the help of special programs easily calculate plagiarism, after which the abstract is returned to the student for revision. In the worst cases, you can immediately get a negative evaluation.

The style of the narrative of the essay is not scientific. Remember: in any student’s work, the use of non-scientific style is unacceptable.

The advantage of the essay is that usually, a student has the right to formalize it in a free form. Of course, the structure must be observed, but the font size, the design of lists or tables always remains at its discretion.


You dream of entering a prestigious university. Your dream is realizable. A little effort and you will succeed. But it is worth remembering that many educational institutions require essay paper writer to write an essay. The success of the admission directly depends on the quality of the written essay. The task of this work is to convince the admission committee in the expediency of taking you to an educational institution. And then a lot of questions arise.

Complexity at writing arises at all without an exception. Because the essay is a flight of thoughts, fantasies. This is an expression of the author’s personal point of view. The main feature of the essay is the narrative of just one topic. The topic should be interesting and familiar to you.

A good essay can not be written without a plan. It helps us focus on the main thing. Looking at the plan, we are not distracted by minor details.

The original title will be a good start for the essay. So do not be too lazy to think of it.

Now can you get started? Do not rush. First, it is useful to develop a detailed structure of your text. In the introduction, you describe the question and its context and briefly talk about the direction of your reasoning. In the discussion, arguments and evidence of your point of view are presented. It is important that the discussion be logical and consistent. In conclusion, the essay summarizes the discussion and demonstrates the answer to the question.

The essay is not just your opinion. This is also the quotation of other authors on the topic. It is necessary to carefully select quotes and assess their significance. Cite something significant, memorable, first-lass.

The main thing in a good essay is to “hook” the reader from the first sentence. Tell him what he expects in this article, and what he can find out. Exact words are usually used in effective essays. Specificity is very useful in conveying thoughts.

The written text will remain verified and edited. After own verification, the text can be shown to indifferent friends. At this stage, never a fresh look. One can disagree with the criticism of the comrade. But his new look will allow you to look at the text from the point of view of the reader. If you write an essay in a foreign language, give it to a person who speaks this language professionally.

The main thing in a good essay is to “hook” the reader from the first sentence. Tell him what he expects in this article, and what he can find out. Exact words are usually used in effective essays. Specificity is very useful in conveying thoughts.

When writing essays, always remember which people will read it.

The structure of the book review by the schoolchild

You must remember that each written work is as follows:

Entry is the part where the student sets the beginning of his recall. This part should not be too large, it only needs to describe which book and why it was chosen by the child.

The main part – the most difficult. It should be the largest among the rest and contain all the basic information about the book, including quotes, arguments and examples.

Conclusion – in this part the child must sum up his work and make his opinion more concrete, ending with his own opinion about the work he read. But this is only the basic structure of any composition.

You should understand that the student’s plan does not have strict limits, it can be compiled at the request of the student himself and include those items that you yourself consider necessary.

A couple of suggestions from the writer’s biography. A brief history of how the child learned about this book. Acquaintance with the main characters, passing in a brief retelling of the contents of the book with personal comments of the child, quotes and examples. The explanation why this book was in the center of attention of the student, the argumentation. Pros and cons of the work, why this or that hero did not like what the child might want to rewrite in this work. Personal evaluation of the endings of the book. Completion of feedback on the book read in grade 3, a more specific opinion (I liked or did not like the book). Approximately so you can make your plan by adding or removing items from it, introducing something unusual.

Well, now let’s move from theory to practice and consider specific examples of works.

Your task is to open up the topic even more. Try to describe what the author did not mention. In conclusion, you need to tell your opinion about the book you read. It is worth remembering that the more negative your opinion, the more arguments should be. There is nothing difficult in writing the review, the main thing is to adhere to certain norms. With these simple rules you will get a good evaluation.

Do my coursework.

Many of us like to postpone important things for later. And paper writer are no exception. Therefore, most of them are in the eternal search for a quick way to write a thesis project. If you organize the process correctly, you can manage a few days. But it is better not to test fate. It’s not so simple to sit down and write a diploma. And right away, it’s all the more impossible to start everything right. But still, let’s try to write the work so that we do not have to rework everything. Therefore, it is worthwhile to listen to the following recommendations.

The most important thing is to choose the right topic and make a plan. As a rule, this does not amount to works. You have the temptation to take a hot topic for your project. But it is better to do this. Studies on the topic that the whole world is discussing are of particular interest to the commission. You will find countless questions. You can study the problem so deeply to answer all the tricky questions of candidates and doctors of science? Then dare.

If you have very little time left to write a diploma, it is better to choose a less acute problem for research.

With a plan, the situation is simpler. You can either not approve it, or change it after approval. And you can do nothing at all. Obtain from the supervisor the approval or approval of the plan. This will save you further from complete and radical shift plans and unnecessary rewriting work.

Also the graduate student should make a presentation consisting of about ten slides. If you correctly select sources, the preparation of the presentation takes quite a bit of time.

Then the most difficult thing is writing the work itself. Write in a short time, a defensible diploma will not work. You can make the whole diploma for one book or take it on the Internet ready. But the result will be appropriate.

Begin to compile a bibliographic list of scientific articles and monographs on the subject of the diploma. By itself it is useless. It is necessary to collect all these publications and monographs. When you collect all available sources, discard useless ones. So you will save your strength and time.

And now the most important part of the assignment is work on the text of the project. The simplest way is to select for each paragraph several articles of an analytical nature and supplement them with suitable material from other sources. The method is more difficult – to read all the sources by paragraph. Identify general trends in the disclosure of the topic and supplement them with nuances from individual publications. Combine everything into a single paragraph and draw conclusions.

The design of the diploma project seems to us useless trifle. But do not neglect it. The first impression of the diploma will be on registration. Then there will be a check by the supervisor and plagiarism.

Dear students, disconnect mobile phones, close links to serials and sit down for the registration of the diploma right now.