The structure of the book review by the schoolchild

You must remember that each written work is as follows:

Entry is the part where the student sets the beginning of his recall. This part should not be too large, it only needs to describe which book and why it was chosen by the child.

The main part – the most difficult. It should be the largest among the rest and contain all the basic information about the book, including quotes, arguments and examples.

Conclusion – in this part the child must sum up his work and make his opinion more concrete, ending with his own opinion about the work he read. But this is only the basic structure of any composition.

You should understand that the student’s plan does not have strict limits, it can be compiled at the request of the student himself and include those items that you yourself consider necessary.

A couple of suggestions from the writer’s biography. A brief history of how the child learned about this book. Acquaintance with the main characters, passing in a brief retelling of the contents of the book with personal comments of the child, quotes and examples. The explanation why this book was in the center of attention of the student, the argumentation. Pros and cons of the work, why this or that hero did not like what the child might want to rewrite in this work. Personal evaluation of the endings of the book. Completion of feedback on the book read in grade 3, a more specific opinion (I liked or did not like the book). Approximately so you can make your plan by adding or removing items from it, introducing something unusual.

Well, now let’s move from theory to practice and consider specific examples of works.

Your task is to open up the topic even more. Try to describe what the author did not mention. In conclusion, you need to tell your opinion about the book you read. It is worth remembering that the more negative your opinion, the more arguments should be. There is nothing difficult in writing the review, the main thing is to adhere to certain norms. With these simple rules you will get a good evaluation.